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"...Amazing skills at the art of magic. Your artistry and presence helped to create a wonderful evening of entertainment."
Bonnie Banks - Mercer Island Performing Arts Council

"Thank you so much for your wonderful performance at our family fair. We received some great feedback..."
Linda Barber - Social Development Research Group, University of Washington

"They were mystified and really enjoyed the show. ...Recommended highly."
Wendi Shockley - Scout Committee Chairperson

"A great show! Very good presentation and very professional. ...really enjoyed it... We will certainly
recommend your show to all our friends!"
Gary Lester - Private Event Planner

"Excellent entertainment for all ages! Amazing...! Great job!"
Linda Johnson - Private Event Planner

"The show was great entertainment... They loved the animals and tricks! It was really exciting."
Leah Ripley - The Jewish Community Center

What are people saying about Hargrave & Roberts...

Hargrave performing magic on the TV show 7 LIVE,
as the host looks at the camera in amazement  "It's just not possible!"