They're looking to you to make this year's event bigger and better than last year! Where will you go to find entertainment that's packed with mystery, class, audience participation, fun and comedy?  Jacob & Marti Hargrave!  From 3 years old to 103, everyone loves to laugh and be amazed.  Whether it's a company event, private party, trade show or street fair, these magicians capture and enchant any audience.

These two young magicians can customize their unbelievable magic to your event. From strolling close-up magic at a banquet, to a full stage evening show choreographed with music, or even promoting a product or special message by incorporating it into their magic. They can provide you with a very enjoyable program, whether you need only fifteen minutes, or a full hour or more of entertainment.

Make your next event bigger and better! A professional show with impact!
A show to remember! Contact magicians Jacob & Marti Hargrave today. Your guests will thank you for it.

What do they do for Company Events...

The anchor man laughs while watching Jacob's comedy magic,
live on the TV monitor.