An empty pan bursts into fire, and a live rabbit suddenly appears, un-scorched by the flames. Music infiltrates the audience as a glittering sphere levitates across the stage moving to the rhythm. A penny transforms into a half dollar in your closed fist. A transparent balloon bursts and changes to a fluttering dove in mid-flight. That's the type of mind blowing magic Jacob & Marti Hargave, are known for!
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Fun, Mystery, and Laughter are just three of the ingredient's they use to provide you with an unforgettable, fun filled performance. They have been performing together on the Eastside for over ten years. Audiences and event planners across Washington have been calling Jacob & Marti Hargrave's performances "Amazing!" and "Highly recommended."   They bring magic up-to-date through the use of modern music, comedy and audience participation.  Their versatility as both sleight of hand and stage performers, has been used to entertain at numerous types of venues.

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Hargrave & Roberts on the TV show 7 LIVE!


Jacob Hargrave and Joshua Roberts performed across Washington for years (1992 - 2003) as a dynamic duo, bringing magic to birthday parties, weddings, business banquets, fairs, schools, and all sorts of other events. Joshua Roberts is currently on hiatus in Taiwan, and Jacob Hargrave can now be found performing with his lovely wife, Marti! Their amusing and amazing show is not to be missed!

Please welcome Marti Hargrave to Beyond Magic! She is currently performing with her husband Jacob Hargrave. Managing shows and creating incretible magic too! Some of her illusions have been compared with the likes of Criss Angel. She graduated with a full Academic scholarship with a Bachelor's in the Fine Art Theatre Performance. She did magic as a kid and rekindle her passion for magic when she married Jacob Hargrave. Both have been doing shows ever since and work as a team. She has experience for over 20 yrs doing Showbiz. Also, She is currently working on an Album and writing a musical.



The Seattle Times - January 12, 1996
Seattle Times newspaper article
The Issaquah home of Jacob Hargrave, right, is transformed into a magic set as he and Joshua Roberts practice their craft."