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About magicians Jacob & Marti...

"Fabulous show! The children's attention never left the magicians. How a bird becomes a rabbit is just magic! Thank you again for our second show with you!"
The Hunters - Parents of 3 Children

"The show was great, it kept us on the edge of our seats, laughing, in amazement... very entertaining. everybody had a great time. Very enjoyable!"
Tiffany L. - Mother of a 3 year old

"We enjoyed the magic show that you both performed. Our guests were still talking about it today and that they were surprised. Both the kids and the adults had a good time. It was a perfect addition to our wedding reception. We will recommend you to anyone that needs entertainment and will keep you both in mind for any future functions we may have. Thanks again!"
The Daniels - Bride and Groom

"...Amazing skills at the art of magic. Your artistry and presence helped to create a wonderful evening of entertainment."
Bonnie Banks - Mercer Island Performing Arts Council

"Thank you so much for your wonderful performance at our family fair. We received some great feedback..."
Linda Barber - Social Development Research Group, University of Washington

"They were mystified and really enjoyed the show. ...Recommended highly."
Wendi Shockley - Scout Committee Chairperson

"A great show! Very good presentation and very professional. ...really enjoyed it... We will certainly recommend your show to all our friends!"
Gary Lester - Private Event Planner

"Excellent entertainment for all ages! Amazing...! Great job!"
Linda Johnson - Private Event Planner

"The show was great entertainment... They loved the animals and tricks! It was really exciting."
Leah Ripley - The Jewish Community Center

"Thank you for your very professional presentation..."
Paul Figueroa, Director - The Village Project

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Hargrave performing magic on the TV show 7 LIVE,
as the host looks back at the camera in amazement "It's just not possible!".