A Magic Show

The two magicians, Jacob and Josh. Yeah, we look like normal guys...

"What's that? trouble I hear?... Super Hero's, off to save the day!"

An audience full of kids and adults awaits the magicians at the Seattle Center.

Jacob introduces and tries to keep a hold of Wilbur, the crazy raccoon, as he darts towards
the audience and does tricks. Is he for real? well you'll just have to find out...

Josh cuts some Martians in half...

Yes, that toilet paper is going to disappear... little does the girl know, it's tossed over her
head and caught by Jacob's waiting hands, much to the audiences amusement.

"All right, now each of you remember which cards you selected, right?"

"Yes, I know it seems kinda funny, but just wiggle your toes, trust me..."

A girl giggles and stares down in amazement as a card rises from her foot!

"Do we have any brave people in the audience?"

Some anxious volunteers.

Jacob and Josh, each being tied with 100 feet of rope by audience volunteers.
I think they're having a little TOO much fun...
(The black things next to our faces are microphones)

"Umm... does anybody have a really big pair of scissors?"

Jacob and Josh frantically race each other to escape as the sounds of the William Tell overture
thunders through the air. The looser usually has to stick flaming torch through their head.

Some audience volunteers helping Jacob and Josh make a "cake" in less than
60 seconds... the magic way of course.

"Don't look at me that way just because I'm putting the egg shells in there too...
they add texture!"

"Okay... SOME body must have said the wrong magic word,
cause this wasn't supposed to be a rabbit!"

"Thanks for watching everyone! We like to give out $20.00 bills at the end of
every other show.... unfortunately this is the OTHER show."

Yes, afterwards they always like to come up and pet Steve, the rabbit.

Well, that's a few of our tricks.
Now it's off to save the galaxy!
...or at least to another show anyways.
Umm..."To infinity, and beyond!"

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