Lots of people know a card trick or two to show their freinds. Sometimes after shows, we even teach people a few tricks.

So we thought we'd teach you an easy one here on our web page:

  • The effect:

  • The spectator selects a card of their free choice, and puts the card back in the deck. The magician cuts the deck several times, burying thechosen card in the middle of the deck. When the cards are fanned out there is one card that is upside down. That card is the chosen card. This effect caneven be done with a signed card!

  • The method :

  • The spectator truly picks any card of their choice. After they pull a card out of the deck, say something like "I'll even turn my back to assure you that I cannot see your card." While your back is turned, turn the deck so that it is face up, with the numbers facing you.
    Then, take the bottom card,turn it over, and put it on top. It looks like the deck is face down now. That's good! Your ready to turn around. After you turn around, hold the deck tightly,making sure not to let the audience in on the fact that the deck is not really face down (only the top card is). Have them take the card and shove it in themiddle of the deck.
    Then, put the deck behind your back and say that you will find the card without looking. Take the top card (the card that was upsidedown) and turn it over, so that it matches the rest of the deck. Now, bring the deck back out into sight and say something like, "Hmm, I'm having a bit oftrouble locating your card, let me see if I can do it using my eyes." As you spread out the deck, you'll see, as well as the audience, that there is one card faceup in the deck. That is the chosen card! Amazing! :

  • The performance:

  • Make up your own story or interesting way of presenting this magic trick. Although it's a simple one, don't under estimate your ability tomake it great! Presentation is everyting.