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-Your employees are amazed at the entertainment you arranged for them at your annual banquet! Because of the high level of audience participation and inexplicable events, your people will be talking about this show long after it’s over.

-Your company image or meeting theme incorporated into an amazing magical illusion show!

-The audience watches transfixed as your company president or another member of your company magically appears from thin air to give an address at a sales meeting or convention!

-Crowds gather around your tradeshow booths, as the magician unbelievably makes your product appear, change into money, and performs other magical feats that incorporate it!


These are just a few of the ways your business can use the Magic of Hargrave & Roberts!

If you would like them to customize a show for you,
give them a call:

(206) 941-1826
Ask for Marti or Jacob

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Hargrave & Roberts' shadows seemed to vaporize,
as they appeared for an amazed croud!